Biometric Criminal Checks are randomly conducted and the same done on a yearly basis. Our selection procedures are rigorous and include written English exams. Only those who meet our high standards of integrity, fitness and education are chosen for various security duties including Armed Response, VIP Close Protection and Canine patrols.

Selection is followed by various induction programmes which may include basic training procedures, 1st aid and firefighting, as well as extensive instruction on security systems and strategies depending on the positions being filled.

Prior to posting a security officer to a new assignment, we provide specific instructions and standard operating procedures through our training school with follow ups at the site.

Regular refresher training is carried out to ensure that all our security officers are aware
of the latest security risks and solutions. We adhere to a strict mentorship and development program, where everybody has to identify and mentor somebody else. As a team this means that when promotions happen, no gap is left within the organisation, and in turn our clients are
never left in a compromised situation.

A high quality product cannot be maintained without high calibre staff. At Zenzele we look after our staff because long
serving and motivated staff are dedicated, committed and loyal and an investment in our business, and in turn our clients.
Our conditions of service are very competitive, and include:

  • Salaries and wages according to the Sectorial Determination for the Private Security Industry, as a minimum
  • Annual leave days
  • Study leave
  • Provident fund contribution
  • Responsibility and other allowances
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Savings and loans
  • Normal overtime at 1.5 times the hourly rate
  • Shift patterns allow regular rest days
  • All uniforms and equipment supplied
  • Bonus

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