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Zenzele believes that as a company we have a four-fold responsibility:
  • We have a responsibility to our clients to listen and to respond, and to provide them with the very best service.
  • We have a responsibility to the community to be a good corporate citizen and develop skills for the broader development of our society.
  • As a 100% black owned company we have an important responsibility to set an example in the security industry and uphold the principles that BEE companies, through good governance, should help in developing the future for all South Africans.
  • We have an obligation to our employees and members to grow and safeguard their investment, and to provide a fulfilling work experience.
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Zenzele is fully aware of the fact that a contract does not only consist of a security component, but that financial, human, and corporate aspects play a major role in the planning and running of successful contracts.

We, therefore adopt a holistic approach towards our business commitments, incorporating the following philosophies:

  • Remain relevant to our clients. Keep ourselves updated on developments within the industry that can increase their security and our cost effectiveness.
  • Achieve and maintain the highest standards within the industry, through bespoke solutions for each client, assuring all work related activities are correctly performed. This will result in the safety and security of our clients, their staff and visitors, and prevent and minimize the likelihood of – crime and safety & security hazards being introduced through the work environment.
  • A reputation based on commitment to Customer service.
  • Build dynamic relationships with our major Stakeholders, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Partners and the Communities in which we do business.
  • Build quality into everything we do. As such, we will be the first 100% black owned security company to achieve an ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation. This will be achieved within 2009.
  • In the execution of these principles, Zenzele strives to be a distinctive and world class service provider of security solutions in South Africa.


Zenzele wholeheartedly supports the principle of employment equity and is committed to the process that is designed to correct past imbalances through a responsible and managed approach. Zenzele has always applied an employment policy of providing equal opportunities to all persons irrespective of race, creed and sex.


Zenzele has introduced the new NQF training standards into the organization. In partnership with our training division and SASSETA learnership programs, we identify unemployed students from disadvantaged groups and through education, mentorship, and financial support, offer them a bright future within our organisation.


Founded in 1998, Zenzele has developed its training division which is PSIRA, SASSETA, and SAPS accredited, and its security division, which is PSIRA accredited.


We currently operate out of three areas, namely Kwa-Mashu, Pietermaritzburg, and Verulam. We have chosen our office sites with care, to enable us to fulfil our vision of giving back into our communities, whilst best servicing our clients. With senior staff who collectively have over 80 years experience in the Safety, Security and Law Enforcement Sectors, we have an intimate understanding of the complexities, challenges, and solutions that exist within the Security Industry in South Africa. We carry this understanding with us to partner and offer our clients the very best solutions to every security requirement. Through our professional multi skilled team, we are able to meet the specific demands of each and every client - and in the process create lasting partnerships with our


Zenzele embraces Total Quality Management by approaching projects against the background of ISO 9001 specifications – an internationally accepted Quality Control Standard. We aim to have our listing achieved within 2009. This Total Quality Management system aims to meet the expectations of clients, members, employees and the community by: • Being a catalyst for continuousimprovement, • Adapting to a changing business environment by setting annual objectives, • Analysing expertise and skills within Zenzele to ensure that people are empowered to contribute their full potential, • Ensuring adequate resources are provided for achieving objectives, • Innovatively involving clients, suppliers and employees to contribute their experience, expertise and skills, • Consider our long term implications and impact in the fight to make South Africa a safer place

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When it comes to running your company, a security system is something you don’t like to think about.
Business security
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Mary Simmons
" I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing complete peace of mind and safety to my family. I am a director of a public company and I need to keep my home and family safe as usual. You gave me the personal and professional touch. It is not often that I find both expertise in technical safety and security with the hands on personal touch you and your staff provided. "
Mary Simmons

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