We maintain a highly professional Canine Unit. The Canine unit is made up of various members that are posted according to their, and their dogs, level of training.

The dogs and their handlers are trained to various levels
as follows:

  • DH 2 & 3 – General protection duties and
  • DH 4 – Patrol dog, search and apprehension of
  • DH 5 – Sniffer dogs for the detection of
    substances and scent trails
DH 2 & 3 handlers are normally used for standard protection duties, which may include the protection of commercial and industrial sites as well as the static protection of high-risk areas such as financial premises and National Key Point access points, amongst others. DH 3 can be used for high level commercial and residential sites.

DH4 are trained as supplemental support to motorized armed response units. We can also make use of these dogs and their handlers for the protection of high-risk VIP’s at their homes in a static and patrol function.

DH 5 are supplied on request for the detection of explosive devices and narcotics. The SAPS and other law enforcement agencies are not able to meet this demand, we foresee that, in time the private security industry will play a significant role in the clearing of venues to be used
by VIP’s for explosives, border checks for narcotics and other contraband. As this demand at this stage is limited we require sufficient notice should this type of service be required.

We strive to utilize dogs of the highest quality for all our assignments and training. We do not stick to one particular type of breed. The various breeds have qualities that make them more suitable for a particular line of work, i.e.: Large breed dogs such as Rottweilers and Ridgebacks are best for static and limited patrol duties; while Belgium and German Sheppard’s make for great man trackers, specialized response units; etc.

We have our own kennels and facilities which we have inspected regularly by the SPCA. Our vet makes regular visits to the kennels to check the health of our dogs.

We believe that teams and teamwork are the best possible ways to engage the energies of all, thereby securing commitment to excellence.

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