Zenzele recognises that the security challenges individuals, business and corporate face in South Africa is varied and challenging. To this end, Zenzele is designed to adapt, grow and meet these challenges and offer our clients a single organisation who will address all our clients needs.

At present our Security and Training Divisions offer the following services:

Zenzelle is able to offer guarding services and solutions to meet every type of client. This includes corporate guarding, residential and estate guarding, governmental, ministerial, industrial, campus and educational facilities, health facilities and the retail , hotel and hospitality industry. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can develop special solutions and teams to meet each of the above groups mentioned.

With our experieince we have found that guarding cannot operate as an isolated entity, and oftern our clients require more specialized services. Zenzele therefore also offers:

  • VIP Protection
  • Tactical Support Service
  • Armed Response
  • Investigations
  • Undercover assignments 
  • Risk Management and Assessments 
  • Occupational Health & Safety, Audits & Training 
  • Security Training 
  • Techincal Security
  • Special Events Security & Crown Control
  • Canine Unit Support

is also available to offer advise and support, and work hand in hand with client to ensure immediate solutions, as well as future planning to minimize risk.

is able to offer 80 unit standards, (and the list growing) and with the changes in the Security Training Industry, Zenzele is accredited by both, PSIRA and SASSETA.

Some of the training we are able to provide to clients include:

  • Training of Security Dogs and handlers up to the including DH5
  • Armed response
  • CIT (Cash in Transit)
  • Firearm training, including: firearm renewals, business unit standards and Advanced Tactical
  • Both the current PSIRA training standards for E, D, C, B and A grades for Security Officers and the SASSETA Guarding Skills Programmes 1-5 up to NQF level 5.
  1. Physical Access Control Systems (PACS).
  2. Video Surveillance Systems(VSS)-also known as CCTV/ cell phone compatible systems.
  3. Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS).

We are also able to offer customised training solutions to corporate clients that incorpatate a variety of SAQA accredited skill programmes that meet your individual needs.

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